3W Engines

3W- International GmbH owns the newest generation of heavy fuel (HF) and gas engines for the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAs) industry.

3W-International GmbH signed exclusive contracts for the following:

Production, research and development of heavy fuel and gasoline engines

Purchase of 3W-International GmbH patents in Germany and USA. Registration numbers of both patent offices have been received in August 2008

Worldwide sales & marketing for the complete line of heavy fuel and gasoline engines

Offering engine designs and adaptations for existing standard engines, upon customer request

3W Engines专业生产、研究和开发重型燃料和汽油发动机,3W Engines的重型燃料和汽油发动机的销售覆盖全球。3W Engines不仅可以提供现有标准规格的发动机,还可以根据客户的要求改造。3W Engines拥有全球最新的用于无人机系统(UAs)行业的重型燃料(HF)和气体发动机。